Yoshida Dojo: Division of Higher Brain Functions Kansei Information Processing, soft computing Kaori YOSHIDA, Ph.D.

(Study Case) System Design based on Kansei Information Processing
Kansei Information Processing is a technology for enabling computers to treat our "Kansei". In general, Kansei means our subjectivity, taste, emotion, or affective state, as affected by objects. For instance, we might be impressed by an artist painting or by music. Kansei information processing is very important for user centric technology. We have developed applications based on Kansei Information Processing with the following steps: express our impression affected by multimedia contents in adjectival impression words, or detect our taste from our behavior; calculate relations between subjective features (such as impression words or implicit taste) and objective features derived from contents (such as color or shape); and then apply these relations to system design. To perform Kansei Information Processing research, it is important to collaborate with various people not only reading books and working on programming. Also I believe that system design based on Kansei information processing will lead to understanding ourselves.

(Degeiko Package) Subjective Visual Perception / Experience of Subjective Visual Perception
This package aims to improve students understanding of human computer interaction design. Students conduct experiments to induce psychological illusions on self-made movies by using projectors, which can project them on walls and floor. They will try to create illusions through projection mapping, but the important point is for them to formulate your own hypothesis and test it by experiments. Your hypothesis could be how to make a space looks bigger, what kind of images can make the waiting time appear shorter or something else. Through the project, students are expected to propose experimental plans with their own approach, create movies and show them to other students, and finally collect and analyze their subjective assessments. The experience will help you in the future when you enter the world of work.

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