AMIR Dojo: Division of Brain-Like Information Processing Machines Practical Robotics Amir Ali Forough Nassiraei , Ph.D.
[Study Case]Development of Intelligent and Practical Robotic Systems for Social Contribution
In Practical Robotics laboratory, we are focusing on research and development of intelligent and practical robotic systems for social contribution. We are mainly working on developing practical service robots for indoor and outdoor environments, marine vessels, underwater facilities, pipe inspection, healthcare and medical applications. Our main aim is to discover with keen eye the needs of society, particularly in industry, and try to satisfy those needs by employing the right robotic technologies. We try to develop simple and cost-effective robotic systems which may co-work with human workers rather than put humans out of work.

[Degeiko Package]Practical Robotics/Robotics in Practice: Modeling, Designing, Manufacturing, and Control of Practical Robots for the Real World Problems
It seems difficult for most of the students of today to find out the relation between their obtained academic knowledge and design of the current advanced practical products. Therefore, trying to understand these relationships is crucially important for the students who are going to be researchers or technical experts. This can be realized by implementation of step by step practical education system includes modeling and simulation, designing and manufacturing, assembly and testing, control and programming of the practical robots for the real world problems. In Practical Robotics laboratory, besides learning how to implement the step by step practical education system in design process of a robotic system, we encourage students to investigate and discover their own project and solve the possible existing problems by employing the right robotic technologies and the proper design techniques. 花沢