Seamless Design

Frame is structured for adding additional features needed

Efficient Circuitry

Sensor and motor driver communication standard is unified by RS232.


This robot can function as AUV by recognizing the surrounding environment and the situation.

Technical Specifications

The following table summarizes the technical specifications of DaryaBird as of 2017:

Structures 4 x Aluminum Pressure Hull 2 x Mission module Aluminum T-sloted frame
Dimensions 568mm x 534mm x 862mm (HxWxL)
Weight 37.2kg
Thrusters 4 x 110W BTD150 2 x 90W Hibikino Thruster
Controller Board PC(Intel Core-i7)
Communication Ethernet and Optic LAN
Sensors 2 x USB Camera 9-axis Attitude Sensor Pressure Sensor (Depth Sensor) Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) Hyrophone
Batteries 1 x LiFePO4 12V 3 x LiFePO4 9V

Marker Dropper

The main body of the device is loaded with four markers. The mechanism uses a pneumatic actuator, similar to the Grabber Module created for last year’s Robosub. The markers are stacked on top of each other. When one is dropped, the mechanism loads the next marker.

Marker Design

The actual Marker design is composed of a weight and three wings so that it goes straight down after it is released from the Dropper.

Hydrophone Module

DaryaBird is equipped with 3 hydrophones for the Acoustic Missions. These are attached to the four corners of the vehicle so that the distance between them are maximized. Since it is recommended that there are no objects obstructing the reception of sound waves around the hydrophone, a specialized mount was created. With this design, it is possible to attach the hydrophones at the bottom of the vehicle and at the same time, putting the vehicle on the ground.

Sound Source Detection

An experiment of sound source detection with developed acoustic positioning system module indicated a significant correlation between the relative angle and the estimated angle. The detection accuracy was verified in the experiment and the result suggest that this system can detect the sound source direction within an average error of 10 deg.

Dead Reckoning

This year, the team decided to go back to basics and apply Dead Reckoning as DaryaBird’s Navigation System. Dead Reckoning is a method of measuring the translational and angular velocity of a vehicle using sensors, calculating the amount of movement done, adding these to the precious state quantity to estimate its position. For DaryaBird, three sensors are used – DVL, Gyro and Compass.

Feature Matching

In order to search for the Cultivate Pearl's bins, DaryaBird will use Feature Matching Algorithm. This involves Speeded-up Robust Features (SURF) and Geometric Estimation Transformation.


  • 2013

    1st Place '13 Underwater Robot convention in JAMSTEC (2013.09)

    1st Place 50th Anniversary of Kitakyushu - Underwater Robot Festival (2013.10)

  • 2014

    17th Place 17th Robosub Competition (2014.08)

    1st Place Okinawa Underwater Robot Contest (2014.12)

  • 2015

    19th Place 18th Robosub Competition (2015.08)

    Chairman Award '15 Underwater Robot convention in JAMSTEC (2015.09)

  • 2016

    2nd Place Hibikino High Tech Challenge (2016.03)

  • 2017

    2nd Place Underwater Robotics Competition in Okinawa (2017.11)

  • the team

    We are researchers under the Ishii Laboratory at Kyushu Institute of Technology.

    We specialize on creating underwater vehicles and studying its behavior.

    Our team consists of different nationalities and different levels (from Undergraduate to PHD).

    We specialize in either Machinery, Circuitry or Software Developing (or a mix of these).

    Hiromasa Sueyoshi


    Masahiro Yamane


    Daisuke Yoshitaka


    Kazuto Wakimizu


    Yoshiki Tanaka


    Takuya Fujinaga


    Enrico di Maria


    Raji Alahmad


    Moeko Tominaga


    SungMin Nam


    Previous Team

    Shintaro Kataoka

    Team Leader/ Mechanics

    Angelyn Mercado


    Keisuke Nakamura

    Mechanics and Software

    Shinya Fujiwara


    Tomoya Shinnoki

    Circuits and Software

    Akio Senmyo



    Jonghyun Ahn

    Professor/ Adviser

    Yuya Nishida

    Professor/ Adviser

    Takashi Sonoda

    Professor/ Adviser
    Nishinippon Institute of Technology

    Yasunori Takemura

    Professor/ Adviser
    Nishinippon Institute of Technology

    Kazuo Ishii

    Professor/ Adviser

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