Research Topics

If the size of materials become smaller and smaller, their properties changes gradually. For example, color of gold is gold when you can grab it. However, How does the color change if it is a few nanometer thick? The anwer is blue. Thus, if you can make nanodevices, we can obtain the unbelievable properties form macro structure. Especially, electric devices detected the perturbation from outside strongly. If we want to make properties same, it become difficult more and more.

In Tanaka Group, we use such kind of perturbation to get a new type of devices. For example, bio body calculate well using noise. Human brain woks as well as a superconputer with consumption just 30 W. IF we can get brain kind of computer, we can save a lot of energy.

Let's make a device woking like bio-bodies do!!!

Photo-assisted Atomic Switch for future Artificial Retina
Single Molecular Electric Devices for Functional Emergence
Brain-Type Ddevices by Nanocarbon Network