The Department of Brain Science and Engineering of the Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering is a place where hot and exciting research activities are carried out with cutting-edge engineering knowledge and leading scientific ideas as proven by the designation of the Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) as a 21st COE (Center of Excellence) Program. It is no surprise that our cross-disciplinary Coaching System through Visits to Other Laboratories for Practice which was selected as an educational program for the Initiatives for Attractive Education in Graduate Schools (Good Practice [GP] in Graduate Education), originated in such an active academic environment. This Graduate School GP is an innovative educational system modeled on the DEGEIKO, through which Sumo wrestlers visit other stables to engage in sparring exercises and thereby acquire new and different techniques. We provide the same kind of environment in which enthusiastic students conduct research at other laboratories of their choosing and acquire hands-on skills and practical knowledge in various fields.
Staying in other laboratories is a very stimulating and valuable experience through which students can widen their knowledge and learn much more than by self-studying through books alone. For cross-disciplinary research in the novel field in which our department is striving for, it is crucial for researchers to equip themselves with a large set of tools to solve various problems. It is also a good opportunity for them to see their own specialization from a different perspective and to deepen their understanding of their fields.
With many students crossing over the walls between laboratories and stimulating intellectual exchanges, our department as a whole will be a more active locus for novel research, and we have no doubt that the academic freedom in our system will lead to fruitful achievements in the future. We, the enthusiastic professors, are waiting for you to knock on our door to your future, with a challenging spirit, "Hi! Hello! I'm here to learn."

Stable Master
Professor Tetsuo FURUKAWA, Ph.D.

Kyushu Institute of Technology
Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering
Department of Brain Science and Engineering