Guide For Admission to the Program
Procedure For Admission to the Program Registration Guide for the Degeiko Package

1 Eligible Graduate Students
The second year students of the Master's course and the first and second year students of the doctoral course can take the 'Degeiko' (Degeiko 1 and 2, and 3 and 4, respectively) as an elective. Full length of Degeiko (15 weeks) or a short period of 7.5 weeks is available. In the 15-week Degeiko, the students can take Degeiko 1 and 2 (or Degeiko 3 and 4) in a row in the same laboratory. Generally, the program starts in the late April.

2 Registration Information and Procedures
Registration procedures in this program are same as those for subjects. An interview with the teaching staff and the head of the laboratory to which the student wishes to attend will be held. We will gladly assist you in every way possible to find the most suitable laboratory in which you can do research according to your interest to acquire the practical skill and know-how you need.

3 Credits
The second year students of the master's course: Degeiko 1 and 2 Each 1 credit
The first and second year students of the doctoral course: Degeiko 3 and 4 Each 1 credit

4 Timetable
In principle, students are expected to spend 6 hours lectures and exercises per week during the 7.5-week short-term Degeiko or those for the 15-week long-term Degeiko. Students will spend average about 5 hours a day including study by themselves.

5 Course Option
In each Degeiko, students can attend classes in their fields or, those in advanced contents as desired.

6 Academic Ability Necessary to Participate in the Program
Students are required to have completed their subject in master's immigrant courses and in common courses and acquired abilities and skills necessary to take this program. For detailed information about basic academic ability, refer to the guide for admission and consult with the head of the laboratory to which you wish to attend.

7 Performance Evaluation
Overall performance of students will be evaluated based on attendance, assignment completion and written reports. Achievements of the students are graded into 5 levels and those who are rated 3.5 and over are regarded successful.

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