@ Mr. Takanori Koga @ Mr. Shuhei Nishida
@ He finished the 2nd semester of graduate study in 2006. (Dr. Yamakawa's laboratory) @ He finished the 2nd semester of graduate study in 2005. (Dr. Ishii's laboratory) He now works at the University of Kitakyushu. (Engineering advisor)

What was the start of your inter-laboratory training?
Koga I studied autonomous learning and control of trailer platforms and demonstrated my study at open campus. Dr. Furukawa saw that demonstration and got in touch with me, then, we talked about how it would be interesting if my study focused on "mnSOM." This is what to join the inter-laboratory training.
Nishida In my case, I studied an autonomously-behaving system with an underwater robot recognizing the surrounding environment by utilizing simple "SOM." When I got stuck, I heard about the "mnSOM" study at Dr. Furukawa's laboratory from Dr, Ishii. That was the start.

So, both of you went to study "mnSOM".
Koga Yes. Up to that time, Dr. Furukawa, Mr. Nishida, and I had studied the algorism, "SOM," in different ways and used it for study. Thus we had different viewpoints about "SOM" itself. In the inter-laboratory training, I noticed "Oh, I should see things closely from this side", and I could clearly see the things that had been foggy to me.
Nishida I realized that it's important to see and hear the ideas of people who have a different background. There were students coming from other laboratories for the inter-laboratory training, the members who had studied "mnSOM" at Dr. Furukawa's laboratory, and Dr, Furukawa. It was really fruitful for me to study by sharing many people's findings.

Would you please tell some advantages of the inter-laboratory training to your junior fellows?
Koga You can see your study from another side, and you can get a broad view of things. I think it's not so important if the 3 months of inter-laboratory training is directly useful or not, but you can get much more. I'd like to strongly recommend this training to young fellows studying at Dr. Yamakawa's laboratory.
Nishida When you study something, studying by yourself for 3 months is no match for the 3 months of inter-laboratory training. I think people may have various purposes such as simply "I'd like to study something other than your major subject, or "I want to learn this algorithm."
Koga I'd like to say don't hesitate and have the courage to go. Before everything, just go for it, because it's a good opportunity.

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