RoboCup 2018 Montreal

RoboCup@Home 2018, Montreal, Hibikino-Musashi@Home

RoboCup 2017 Nagoya Japan

RoboCup@Home 2017, Nagoya, Hibikino-Musashi@Home

RoboCup@Home 2017, Nagoya, DSPL stage2 Restaurant, Hibikino-Musashi@Home SPL

RoboCup@Home, iHR Challenge 2016
This is iHR Challenge of the 5th research society on the intelligent Home Robotics (iHR).

RoboCup@Home, iHR Challenge 2016, Speech Recognition & Audio Detection Test, Customized HSR

RoboCup@Home, iHR Challenge 2016, Manipulation and Object Recognition, Customized HSR

Exi@ Demo Move

Task : RoboCup@Home Restaurant

Task : RoboCup@Home Cocktail Party