Human-friendly Information System Design
With the recent development of information communication technology, it has become possible for anyone to receive and transmit information at any time. In such a society, people and information systems, as well as relationships between people through information systems, will become important. Therefore, Kaori Yoshida Laboratory is studying to design more human-friendly information systems by understanding people who use information systems and handling human characteristics and information technology in an integrated manner.
One of them is the research on Kansei information processing. Here, we explore factors linked to subjectivity and sensibility, translate them so that they can be handled by information systems, and apply them to the design of information systems. For example, we can apply it to information recommendations that can obtain search results close to how we feel and robots that can express emotions as avatars and partners.
Kansei information processing is a technology that makes our lives more enjoyable and richer. We believe that designing information systems and understanding people who use information systems leads to understanding ourselves.

Research Keywords
Kansei Information Processing, Human Computer Interaction, Computational Intelligence, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, User Modeling, Cognitive Psychology, Multimedia Database

Lab Members FY2023
PI Kaori Yoshida
RF Ahmad Khawaritzmi Abdallah
D3 Tatsuya Kanatsu
D3 Keishi Suematsu
D2 Dian Cristy Silpani
D1 Enny Indasyah
M2 Atsumi Ushijima
M2 Takahiro Higashi
M2 Kohei Maeda

M1 Kouki Ueno

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