Inaugural Address from the Program Leader
Research Organization of the Program
Multi-Disciplinary COE-student Program
Research Activities and Cross-Disciplinary Units of Sub-Projects
Synopsis of Research Activities
Research Activities of Each Sub-Project
International conferences (BrainIT)
Edited Books
Wrapping Up the 21st Century COE Program
Research Organization of the Program
Research units in our program can largely be divided into three groups: “Basic Researches,” “Hardware Implementation,” and “Application of Brain-inspired ICs,” as depicted in Figure 1. The “Basic Researches” group is further comprised of three units: The “Physiology” Unit that analyzes the electro-chemical signals induced with electrodes directly embedded into the neural systems or the brain of the living animals, dissecting their heads; The “Psychology” Unit that makes inferred hypotheses how information is processed in the brain without dissection, studying the behaviors of animals in changing environments with externally given stimuli; The “Theory and Models” Unit that simulates their mathematical or linguistic models built on the findings and ideas from the former two “Basic Researches” Units. Overall, we have five research units, and some faculty members and post-docs are even actively engaged in more than one unit, facilitating cross-disciplinary researches.
Figure 1 Research units in our program
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