To Join Our Group

In Tanaka Lab, we try to realize devices which reproduce life organism signals utilizing nanomaterial science based ideas. We mainly focus on unstable or non-equivallent systems to realize them. In the future, we hope that they will contribute brain-like computing. To do research in our lab, knowledge in many fields are required, but you do not need to all knowledge to join us. We can help each other by collaboration with students from the field of materials science, materials chemistry, electrical engineering, programming, etc. So we welcome sutudents joining from such kind of fields. If you are interested in joining to our laboratory, please contact to Prof. Tanaka anytime you want. Because our laboratry is brand new, you can establish the trend!!

Since we are brand new lab. we do not have OB/OGs yet, students I supervised before got a position in Chuo University, Tokai Rubber Co, SONY, Sun Disc, HGST, Murata Lab. Co., Nisshin etc.  Especially many students went to electric companies or materials companies.