• 2022.Jul.7Thai Royal Princess Sirindhorn awarded honorary degree (Applied Physics)of Suranaree University of Technoloy) to Prof. Tanaka directly.
  • 2022.May.19D3 Kotooka received student presentation award of JSAP which is one of the most largest society in Japan. The award is can be received only 1% of nominee.
  • 2022.May.3An article by collaboration work with UCLA and Osaka University published in Advanced Intelligent Systems was selected as an inside cover.
  • 2022.Apr.5A review paper on in-materio computation in carbon nanotube random network was accepted in Neuromorphic Computing Engineering.
  • 2022.Apr.1Hakoshima, Nakaoka and Karacali entered to master course as M1. Koga and Kawabata joined to Tanaka Lab as B4. Dr. Azhari became a visiting researcher. Dang became a research fellow.
  • 2022.Mar.31Dr. Azhari quit Postdoc researcher to be assistant professor of Weseda University.
  • 2022.Mar.25M2 Murazoe, Dang graduated master course, and B4 Hakoshima graduated undergraduate course.
  • 2022.Mar.19
    D2 Oradee got the best student presentation award at the 3rd International Symposium on Neuromorphic AI Hardware. D2 Kotooka also got student presentation award there.
  • 2022.Mar.18~19
    Prof. Tanaka organized the 3rd International Symposium on Neuromorphic AI Hardware.
  • 2022.Mar.4
    Collaboration work with UCLA and Osaka Univ. was publisheded in Advanced Intelligent Systems.
  • 2022.Jan.6
    Press release on collaboration work with UCLA and Osaka Univ. was introduced in website of Nikkei Shimbun Press.
  • 2022.Jan.4
    Collaboration work with UCLA and Osaka Univ. was accepted in Advanced Intelligent Systems.
  • 2021.Dec.14
    Collaboration work with RIKEN and Sophia Univ. was accepted in Nanomaterials.
  • 2021.Dec.1
    Collaboration work with Osaka Univ. and Twente Univ. (Netherland) was appeared as frontpiece of Advanced Materials.
  • 2021.Nov.25
    Prof. Tanaka attended as panelist of panel discussion in a pre-event of 20th anniversary ofKitakyushu Research Park.
  • 2021.Oct.29
    Collaboration article with Prof. Shibata's Lab. was accepted in IEEEE sensors J. (IF=3.301).
  • 2021.Oct.25
    Dr. Nikhilesh Giri, Consul General of India, has just visited our lab.

Thai Royal Princess directly awarded hororary degree to Prof. Tanaka!

The award was the third one to Japanese from Suranaree University of Technology  

Tanaka Lab. positively supports aspiring egg of researchers!!


Kimizuka and Oyabu won the best prize in Car-robotics AI course of Inter-graduate-school with Waseda and Kitakyushu Universities. Congrats!! 

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Old visitors are here(2014.4~2017.4)

2017.7.31 2017.12.11 2018.5.14
Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh,
Ho Chi minh University of Technology, 
Lecturer, Pham Tan Thi
Nihon University
Prof. Koichi Takase
Nagasaki Prefecture Government
Counseler Mr.T. Tateishi
Mr. Y. Murai
Nagasaki Prefecture Agency of Development of Industury
Ms. M. Ikube
2018.4.27 2018.5.16 2018.12.26
Hokkaido Univ.
Prof. Hiroshi Uji-i
Nagoya Univ.
Prof. Jun Onoe
Bridgestone Co. Ltd.
Dr. Hirokazu Sato
Fellow Researcher
2019.6.12 2019.9.4 2019.10.2-4
Nagoya Institute of Technology
Prof. Soga
Malaya Univ. Prof. AlDouri
Kwansei Gakuin Univ.
Associate Prof. Daisuke Tanaka
Hokkaido Univ.
Assistant Prof. Tomoko Inose
2019.12.8-15 2019.12.20 2020.12.14
Distinguished Prof. James Gimzewski
Dr. Minh Tu
Ambassador of Republic
of the Union of Myanmer
Okayama Univ.
Prof. Hayashi
2020.12.17 2021.3.29 2021.3.29
Kyushu University
Dr. Ken Albrecht
National Kure College of Technology
Dr. Takahiro Himuro
Osaka Univ.
Dr. Li Yanjing
Consul General of India
Dr. Nikhilesh Giri
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