Department of Human Intelligence Systems Dr. Katsumi Tateno Lab

Research overview

We study how firing characteristics of a neuron contribute to information processing in the brain. A variety of firing patterns is found in the brain, such as bursting, persistent firing, and frequency adaptation. Neural firing pattern is an important factor in the brain information processing. We are especially interested in temporal coding in sensory systems and the memory information processing in the hippocampus.


Paper accepted: IEEE Access
"A Neural Network Model of the Entorhinal Cortex and Hippocampus for Event-order Memory Processing," Hiroki Nakagawa, Katsumi Tateno, Kensuke Takada and Takashi Morie NEW
Poster presentation: 3rd Neumorh symposium
"Recurrent spiking neural network for self-licalization inspired by medial entorhinal cortex", Mau Tanoue, Katsumi Tateno
"A memory-based LSI architecture for entorhinal-hippocamal model", Osamu Nomura, Ichiro Kawashima, Seiji Uenohara, Yuichiro Tanaka, Akinobu Mizutani, Kensuke Takada, Katsumi Tateno, Hakaru Tamukoh, Takashi Morie
Oral presentation: 3rd Neumorh symposium
"Memory-based action planning inspired by hippocampal replay", Akinobu Mizumori, Yuichiro Tanaka, Ichiro Kawashima, Hakaru Tamukoh, Katsumi Tateno, Takashi Morie