Last update on Jun. 21, 2017

  • Dual-arm Robot(Baxter)

  • Robot Manipulator(PA-10) PA10 with special coat, a legendary robot of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry

  • Small Robot Signage(Robovie MR2)

  • Roomba / iCreate
    These can be visually-guided robots by combining it with a Kinect or a Tablet device.

  • Telemba
    Cheap Remote agent using Roomba and Google Hangout

  • Wearable Optical Topography
    Two wearable optical topographies of Hitachi for the activity estimation of prefrontal cortex.

  • Eye Movement Recorders(EMR-9) Two different types

  • Biosignal Recorder
    Mobile recorder of biosigals such as EMG and EEG

  • Networked Driving Simulator Driving simulator that combines SIGVerse and game devices.