Features of Global AAR Course

Advanced Assistive Robotics (AAR)

  • Solutions to industry and medical welfare
  • Intelligent systems that enable
    • Increase in productivity and safety
    • Decrease in labor load and patient pain
    • Assist in motor skill learning and rehabilitation
  • Multidisciplinary
    • Robotics, Machine learning, Brain science, Psychology, and so on

Not necessarily too specific to “assistive” robotics

  • Robotics is an integrative research field
    • Integrated circuits, control, sensing, nanosystems, computer systems,
    • machine learning, cognitive/behavioral science, neuroscience, brain-computer interface, etc.

Both Master course and doctor course

No Japanese is required to get the degree

  • But learning Japanese and Japanese cultures are strongly encouraged
  • Collaborative learning with Japanese students


Joint Graduate School

Kyutech, Univ. Kitakyushu, Waseda Univ. Kitakyushu Science and Research Park (KSRP) / Tobata / Iizuka