Neumorph Seminar

Research Center for Neuromorphic AI Hardware, Kyushu Institute of Technology has organized Neumorph Seminar to provide opportunities to know and discuss the latest topics regarding neuromorphic AI hardware by inviting top runners of researchers in areas of materials, AI models, circuits, and robotics.

Parts of Neumorph Seminar are distributed to AAR Seminar, which is one of the lectures in Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology.

AAR … Advanced Assistive Robotics

June, 2020James K. GimzewskiUCLAAtomic Switch Network (ASN), a NanoSystem with brain-like structure and functional dynamics
September, 2020Shuhei IkemotoKyushu Institute of Technologyロボティクスにおける知能の研究 (in Japanese)
March, 2021Shigeki SakaiNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
基礎と応用 (in Japanese)
April, 2021Takeshi NishidaKiQ Robotics
Co., Ltd
〜多品種生産に求められるAIとロボット〜 (in Japanese)
June, 2021Takao MarukameTOSHIBA CORPORATION脳型AIハードウェアとニューロモルフィックデバイスの研究開発と動向 (in Japanese)
December, 2021Wataru HirataUENO SEIKI Co., Ltd世界の半導体生産現場を支える
画像処理技術・外観検査技術 (in Japanese)
January, 2022Akira HiroseThe University of Tokyo物理リザバーコンピューティング、
その特長と意義 (in Japanese)
October, 2022Yoshihiko HorioTohoku UniversityBrain Computational Paradigm and its Hardware Implementation – Brainmorphic Computation
November, 2022Hideki TakaseThe University of TokyoHow to establish novel IoT computing technologies with OSS
December, 2023Satoshi SonohTOSHIBA CORPORATIONTutorial for Large Language Model
Akira TaniguchiRitsumeikan UniversitySpatial cognition and semantic place understanding in mobile robots
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