Best Student Paper Award from ISPACS

On November 18th, a paper of joint research by Neumorph Center and Future University Hakodate submitted to 2021 International Symposium on Information Processing and Communication Systems (ISPACS 2021) won the Best Student Paper Award.

WRS2020 1st Place

Hibikino-Musashi@Home, a robot developing team jointed from Kyushu Institute of Technology and The University of Kitakyushu, supervised by the vice director Prof. Tamukoh, won 1st place in World Robot Challenge 2020, Service Robotics Category, Partner Robot Challenge (Real Space), which had been held from Sep. 9th to 12th on AICHI SKY EXPO.

Members of Hibikino-Musashi@Home

Invited talk on JSAP symposium

On Sep. 10th, center members (Assistant Prof. Y. Tanaka, Vice-director Prof. Tamukoh, Associate Prof. Tateno, Director Prof. H. Tanaka, Prof. Morie) gave an invited talk entitled “A brain-inspired AI hardware with functions of the hippocampus, the amygdala, and the prefrontal cortex” on JSAP symposium.

On Sep. 12th, the director Prof. H. Tanaka gave an invited talk entitled “A material intelligence from random network -In-materio physical reservoir” on the JSAP symposium.

On Sep. 13th, center members (Assistant Prof. Usami and the director Prof. H. Tanaka) gave an invited talk entitled “Physical reservoir capabilities induced by time-domain dynamics in nano-material networks” on the JSAP symposium. Additionally, the center presented 5 oral talks on the symposium.