The 5th International Symposium on Neuromorphic AI Hardware


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About Symposium

In March 2024, the 5th International Symposium on Neuromorphic AI Hardware will be organized by the Research Center for Neuromorphic AI Hardware, Kyushu Institute of Technology. The aim of the symposium is to provide an opportunity to present and discuss the latest research regarding Neuromorphic AI Hardware.


March 1st (Friday) – 2nd (Saturday), 2024: Symposium
March 3rd (Sunday), 2024: VIP Excursion (only for invited speakers)


RIHGA Royal Hotel Kokura
2-14-2 Asano, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka 802-0001 Japan

Please reserve your own accommodation (the committee will not prepare for participants).

Invited Talk

Day & Time: March 1st, 13:30-14:10 JST (UTC+9)
Prof. Carlo Ricciardi (Politecnico di Torino)
“Self-organizing Nanowire Networks for Reservoir Computing and Memory Encoding”

Day & Time: March 1st, 17:00-17:40 JST (UTC+9)
Dr. Koji Terada (Preferred Robotics, Inc.)
“Kachaka: Revolutionizing Home and Business Environments with Advanced Autonomous
Service Robotics”

Day & Time: March 2nd, 14:45-15:25 JST (UTC+9)
Prof. Jordi Madrenas (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
“Progress on Digital Hardware for Spiking Neural Networks: Plasticity, Model Experiments and
Scalability Considerations”

Day & Time: March 2nd, 15:40-16:20 JST (UTC+9)
Dr. Kazuya Terabe (National Institute of Material Science)
“Ionic Nanoarchitectonics for the Creation of Neuromorphic Devices with Various Functions”

Oral Session

Oral Session 1: March 1st, 14:25-15:25 JST (UTC+9)
Prof. Tsuyoshi HasegawaTemperature Dependent Operation of a Ag2S Island Network-based Physical Reservoir
Ms. Hsiao Woan-JenA Novel Near-memory Computing Architecture for Recurrent Neural Networks with SRAM and RRAM
Dr. John Rex MohanInformation Processing Capacity of Dipolar Coupled Spin Hall Oscillators
Oral Session 2: March 1st, 15:40-16:40 JST (UTC+9)
Dr. Yusuke SakemiSpike-Based In-Memory Computing Circuits Using Open Source PDK
Mr. Yinhao XuMultivariate Chaotic Time Series Prediction with Neuromorphic Networks
Dr. Gisya AbdiImpact of Cationic and Anionic Counterparts in Halobismuth(III) Salts on the Functionality of Artificial Synapses
Oral Session 3: March 2nd, 09:30-10:50 JST (UTC+9)
Mr. Naruki HagiwaraHighly-Integrable Analogue Reservoir Circuits Based on a Simple Cycle Architecture
Mr. Tomoro Marcus JonesImprovement of Read-out Circuit for Non-volatile Memory Embedded In-memory Computing Architectures
Mr. Keiichi NakanishiBidirectional 2D Reservoir Network for Image Anomaly Detection without any Training
Mr. Rio TomiokaNumerical Simulation on Wavefront Transformation using Self-referential Holographic Deep Neural Network
Each presentation is 20 minutes (15 minutes talk + 5 minutes Q&A)

Poster Session

Session 1: March 2nd, 10:50-12:00 JST (UTC+9)
Session 2: March 2nd, 13:00-14:10 JST (UTC+9)


Registration is required to participate in the symposium (even if you are a presenter or a virtual participant). If you would like to cancel the registration, please contact the secretariat (neumorph-center[at]

Payment for in-person participation:
Please pay the registration fee by selecting one of the following options:
Cash at the venue’s reception: Additional cost (5000 JPY) is required.
Online payment system: You may pay by the online payment system even onsite. Please show payment results at the reception.

Payment for virtual participation:
Please pay the registration fee via the online payment system.

Plenary/Invited Speaker0 JPY
In-person (Internal member of Neumorph Center *1)20000 JPY
In-person (External member of Neumorph Center *2)20000 JPY
In-person (Full)20000 JPY
In-person (Student)5000 JPY
Virtual (Internal member of Neumorph Center *1)20000 JPY
Virtual (External member of Neumorph Center *2)10000 JPY
Virtual (Full)10000 JPY
Virtual (Student)0 JPY
*1 Internal member of Neumorph Center is a staff working at Kyutech and belonging to Neumorph Center
*2 External member of Neumorph Center is an advisor of Neumorph Center, not working at Kyutech

Note that you need to select “[Participant] Registration fee” in New Registration in the online payment system.

Abstract Submission

We invite the submission of original research contributions relating to neuromorphic AI hardware. Authors willing to present may submit 1-page abstract using the following template via the following submission form by the deadline. The submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the committee and accepted ones will be assigned either oral presentation or poster presentation.

Topics are as follows:
– Material Engineering
– Electric Circuit System
– Computational Model
– Robotics
– Others related to neuromorphic AI hardware

The regulation is as follows:
– Manuscript must be written in English.
– Manuscript must be one page of A4.
– Top, bottom, left, and right margins must be 35.01mm, 30mm, 30mm, and 30mm, respectively.
– Font must be Times New Roman.
– Font size of title must be 14pt (bold).
– Font size of authors must be 12pt.
– Font size of other areas must be 10pt.
– Line spacing must be one line.
– Title, authors, and affiliations must be included.
– Acknowledgment and references can be included.
– Figures and tables can be included.
– Manuscript must be a PDF smaller than 1MB.

Please use the following template (MS Word) for the manuscript.

If you have a problem regarding the submission of your manuscript, please contact the secretariat (neumorph-center[at]

Important dates

Deadline for registration (In-person)February 2nd (Friday), 2024
February 23rd (Friday), 2024
Deadline for registration (Virtual)February 29th (Thursday), 2024
Deadline for abstract submissionFebruary 2nd (Friday), 2024
16:00 JST on February 9th (Friday), 2024
16:00 JST on February 16th (Friday), 2024
Notification of acceptanceFebruary 13th (Tuesday), 2024

Presentation Instruction

Please present in English. Presentation time will be notified in the e-mail of notification of acceptance.

Oral presentation (In-person)
Please prepare a computer compatible with HDMI output. The computer will be connected to a streaming device via HDMI cable and your slide show will be broadcasted to a venue screen and Zoom (therefore, in-person presenters do not need to install Zoom client on the computer).

Please avoid using optical laser pointers because the pointer will not be broadcasted to Zoom. Please use software laser pointer functions (e.g. laser pointer of MS PowerPoint) instead of them. We will also prepare Logicool SPOTLIGHT PRESENTATION REMOTE (driver installation is required).

Oral presentation (Virtual)
Please prepare a computer compatible with Zoom. Your slide show, video, and voice will be broadcasted to the venue and Zoom. Therefore, virtual presenters need to install Zoom client on the computer.

Poster presentation (In-person only)
Please prepare a poster of A0 size (vertical orientation). Posters will be pinned by thumbtacks (the committee will prepare).

Student Presentation Award

The Best Student Presentation Award

  • Kazuki Wada (Kyutech): “Data-driven Posture Control of Tensegrity Manipulator Using IMU Measurements”

Student Presentation Award

  • Dang Thien Tan (Kyutech): “Examining the Ability to Retrieve Historical Data Attributes in an Ag/Ag2S Nanoparticle Network Reservoir Computing”
  • Yusuke Nakaoka (Kyutech): “A Study of Reservoir Computing Performance by Orientation Dependence of Poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl) Thin Films”
  • Takafumi Kunimi (Hokkaido Univ.): “A Novel Dynamic Predictive Coding Network with Augmented Direct Feedback Alignment towards its Physical Implementation”
  • Shohei Tatsumi (Hokkaido Univ.): “Physical Reservoirs Replication using a Small-scale Digital Calibration Reservoir”
  • Yuka Shishido (Kyutech): “An Efficient Spatial Representation Method for Memory-based Hippocampus-inspired Model”
  • Tomoro Marcus Jones (Kyutech): “Improvement of Read-out Circuit for Non-volatile Memory Embedded In-memory Computing Architectures”
  • Ryuta Toyoda (Kyutech): “High Sensitivity Motion Capture Under Low-light Conditions Using EVS”

Call for Papers – NOLTA, IEICE [Optional]

Neumorph Center organizes the Special Section on Recent Progress in Neuromorphic AI Hardware, Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications (NOLTA), IEICE, which is an open-access journal. The special session is a joint project with the symposium, inviting papers from researchers that are qualified to present their work in the symposium.

The deadline for the paper submission is April 1st April 15th, 2024. Please refer to the call for papers.


Hirofumi Tanaka (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

Vice Chair
Hakaru Tamukoh (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

Executive Committee
Katsumi Tateno (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Osamu Nomura (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Yoichi Horibe (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Terumasa Tokunaga (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Yasuhiro Fukuma (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Yuki Usami (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

Yuichiro Tanaka (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

Aki Fujita (Kyushu Institute of Technology) – Finance
Mamiko Yonehara (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Mizuho Shimoda (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

Secretariat: neumorph-center[at]

Public Relations
Keiichiro Yonezawa (Kyushu Institute of Technology)




Call for sponsors
We are excited to announce an opportunity for companies to become sponsors for the symposium. By participating as a sponsor, you can show the brand advertisement in the program books and broadcast it to the venue during breaks. Additionally, you can provide a brand logo to put on the website.

Sponsorship fee: 50000 JPY

Please pay the sponsorship fee via the following online payment system. Note that you need to select “[Sponsor] Sponsorship fee” in New Registration.

Please contact us if you are interested in:
Secretariat: neumorph-center[at]